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There's 2 problems for you if you want to set up and start running Facebook ads.  

First, there's lots of free advice out there to show you the mechanics of setting up Facebook but that doesn't tell you how to reach your specific contacts and buyers and do the right things to follow up...

Second, the agencies will charge you $1500 or more to get everything setup for you with minimum monthly spend requirements, a pretty big price tag.

Either way, you’re faced with the risk of throwing a lot of money down the drain pretty quickly!

What if we could help you with a more affordable path, a way to help you where you could also learn and do key things on your own?  You have an amazing marketing resource at your fingertips... Facebook audiences and the proper use of their tools wields some amazing power, and it's why folks suggested we create "Growth with Facebook 101"... 

After "Growth with Facebook 101" you will walk away with….

A full understanding on how to define your prospective customers, use the incredible power of Facebook audiences to connect to your most likely customers, and then get started with your own ads, where we're right there to help with easy service pricing when you need it.

You'll see a case study on building a return on investment for your efforts and ad spend, which is making money!  

The case study will walk through using the Facebook audiences and follow up tools to help generate $126,000 in 90 days, and introduce the Facebook pixel, tools and learning algorithms.

You'll learn about the power of the warm audiences all the experts talk about (and use) - people who visited your website, watched your videos, interacted with your page and even joined your email list.

And you'll learn about the the mechanics of setup - step by step videos to get in place what you need to create your audience, build an ad and connect with us if you need more help! You'll have all the power of Facebook ready to go. 

Plus, the best thing:  a team that can connect with you to help you every step of the way!

Here is the thing...

You may thing it's all too complicated, or you need someone else to do it.


Here are a few screenshots to show you how the Facebook algorithms are getting our newsfeeds and yours with other advertisers...and you can do it too! 

In fact, ANYONE can set this up and put up ads to reach 90% of the US population about ANYTHING you'd like!
The time really is now for you to really start leveraging the power of Facebook for both you and your business.  In 2017 it is the most accessible way for anyone anywhere to reach 90% of the US population with a message or offer, and over a billion people around the world.
$495 Setup Fees
You'll get 4 lessons:

1. How to Grow a Health / Fitness Business Using the Power of Facebook Audiences
2. How to Create Your Customer Persona
3. How to Segment, Target and Position for Selecting Facebook Audiences
4. 90 Day Case Study: How We Used Facebook for $126,000 in Event Revenue

Plus there is MORE:
1.  Specific ad copy for successful coupon promotions
2. A library copy of "19 Audiences for Health & Fitness" that you can access anytime
5.  7 Videos to help setup your account, your page, the Facebook Business Manager and run an ad.
6.  Chat with us anytime in the membership training area, and we can answer questions, and help with your setup.

$495 Setup Fees

"Wow, we are getting great responses and registration growth with our new advertising and websites. The Lynqe team helped us take our marketing to a new level and set annual attendance records." 

--Jim Curl, Event Media Inc (Bike the Coast)

"If you want to know what this can do, I've been to 5 of the events marketed by the Lynqe team over the years, and brought friends with me.  It all started with a Facebook ad, and then another one I saw, and then another one:)  

--Paulo Vinicius, PVDZN

"Laser focus", "Drive to outperform all expectations", "Highly recommend for all your marketing needs" 

--Chris Scott, Hot Click Video

"If a complete and robust social media marketing campaign is what you are looking for, Lynqe is hands down the most impressive solution out there currently.  The attention to detail combined with Greg's creative slant on marketing gives Lynqe an incredible tool set that not only helps clients create outstanding marketing campaigns but more importantly helps them avoid the pitfalls." 

--Rigel Stone, RYOT

the lynqe team
The LYNQE team has decades of experience and brings you experts in 

  •  Digital Advertising with Facebook, Google, and Health/Fitness Ad Platforms
  •  Sales Funnel Software Selection and Operation
  •  Creative Direction
  •  Graphics and Video Development
  •  Content Writing
  •  Web Design
  •  Business Strategy


As a driving force in creating opportunities and growth for many businesses, the LYNQE team brings the transforming, long-term commitment of an endurance athlete to building success in the business marketplace, and a passion for health & fitness. 

From zero to 9 figures LYNQE team members have driven the growth of companies that range from startup to Fortune 500 and received awards and credits for design, expertise & innovation. 

The LYNQE team played a key role in the development, launch and seven-year growth of the successful Bike the Coast cycling event from 2010 through 2016.  The event was acquired by Spectrum Sports in 2016. 

The team brings an intimate understanding and passion for the consumer path to better health and fitness.  There's also been a passion for supporting incredible achievements like the 3,000 mile Race Across America, and inspirational feats like the Run for One Planet tour (10,000 mile run around North America by Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait). 

The journey to better health is both a life-saving and business growth-saving decision, and the team is dedicated to giving back in ways that help those who choose better physical and business health to succeed.
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